House of the Five Senses

Bert Van Raemdonck competed in the Rebrick Architecture Faves contest with a micro version of the House of the Five Senses. The unusual building, located in the Netherlands as part of an amusement park, draws inspiration from the Minangkabau people of Indonesia. Surprising this complex model was designed in LDD, and the file is available for download, here.


The Biltmore Estate

After 120 hours of hard work Back2Brick completed a micro model of the Biltmore Estate. The model was designed for the Rebrick Architecture Faves contest. The home itself uses 1,700 pieces, while the entire estate has nearly 8,000 parts. Using Google Earth as the primary means of design, the estate is highly detailed and true to its real counterpart.

biltmore #1

Biltmore Estate #4

Biltmore Estate #12