The Healing Power of LEGO

Often in challenging times of life we find ways to cope with our situation. Whether its sports, exercise, or hanging out friends there are many ways to get through a tough time. For some people LEGO is the answer, as it provides a much needed creative outlet. reid.schlegel explains how LEGO helped him through his tragic loss.

One year ago today my father went missing. We searched for him for 11 days until we discovered that he died from suicide. I began this project during this period of endless searching to take my mind off of reality. If you are struggling through rough times, channeling creativity can be the best antidote, it sure helped me. Dad I am sad that we will never go to Denmark together, so I made you a castle instead. (he was Danish FYI).


The endless possibilities of combining LEGO bricks is a simple to get through a challenging situation. Has LEGO helped you get through a tough time in your life?

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