3 Former LEGO Architecture Builders

With the launch of social platforms such as MOCpages, Flickr and Instagram LEGO builders, particularly architecture builders, have prominently posted their amazing creations. Some post more often than others, while some builders come and go as they please. Unfortunately many great LEGO architecture builders have not posted in recent years, leaving behind a longing for more of their work. This article takes a look at three great builders, Matija Grguric, Arthur Gugick, and Olly, who have not posted in any architecture creations in quite some time, in hopes that they will one day build again.

Matija Grguric

Last Architecture Post – June 2012

Matija Grguric is one of my all time favorite builders when it comes to LEGO architecture. His works mainly consists of recreations of world landmarks and famous buildings. The particular use of details in facade and landscape construction is what propelled Matija to one of the top LEGO architecture designers.



Machu Picchu


Miyajima Torii

Miyajima Torii

Arthur Gugick

Last Architecture Post – June 2016

Arthur Gugick’s claim to fame is the tireless amount of detail put into his models. Whether it’s the subtle use of elements in cathedrals, residences or landmarks the models produced are always stunning. A single year hiatus is not that uncommon among builders, so here’s hoping to more LEGO architecture in the near future.


Due to this article Arthur Gugick has posted photos of his latest model!

Mont Saint-Michel


White House


Arc de Triomphe



Last Architecture Post – October 2012

Olly is a very underrated builder, as good as Rocco Buttliere and Spencer_R without the prestige. His 1:650 scale models consists of mainly New York skyscrapers, but also includes a museum and firehouse. Though it’s been a quite a few years I’m not giving up hope on seeing some more highrise creations.

432 Park Avenue


Metlife Building and Grand Central Station


Empire State Building


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