Interview: Chris Eyerly


The latest edition of ArchBrick interviews focuses on Christopher Eyerly, a prominent Frank Lloyd Wright builder and photographer. You can check out more of his work on Flickr page.

Why do you enjoy building LEGO architecture?

“Growing up, I’ve always pursued engineering of sorts. At one point I wanted to be an architect. I feel like architecture is something that everyone can have a connection to in some way. It’s around us all the time. Putting it in LEGO form makes architecture even more accessible to everyone.”

What are some of the favorite architecture creations that you’ve modeled?

“My top 3 favorite models I’ve created are Robie House, SC Johnson Research Tower and Laurent House. These all Frank Lloyd Wright buildings. Describe the process of creating one of your latest buildings. For me, it starts with seeing something about the actual building that I can envision in LEGO. Then, there needs to be an interest in that particular building in some way. As an example, my latest build of Laurent House. I loved the challenge of building the hemicycle design, that was the LEGO connection. The additional interest for me was that it was the only house Wright designed to be wheelchair accessible.”


You often construct builds designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. What draws you to this particular architect?

“Growing up in the midwest, Wright is everywhere, and a part of the culture. As I displayed Robie House for the first time at Brickworld 2009, I saw the connection people had with the house, and then indirectly, Wright. That human connection drew me even more to his work. I’ve built four Wright buildings so far, and hope to continue building more of his works.”


What do you find most challenging about building?

“I think realizing the compromise between exact recreation, and form representation can be the most difficult.”

Discuss how you started building LEGO creations.

“I built as a child, but then went into a dark ages. When my first child was 4, he got his first LEGO set. This brought out a nostalgia I was unprepared for. I then starting looking online, and found LUGNET and LEGO Star Wars. I haven’t looked back since. (My oldest is now 16, so it’s been 12 years)”

Discuss any other general hobbies and interesting information about yourself (e.g. job, upcoming projects).

“I’ve recently picked up photography as an interest, and that has been a lot of fun. I still have a lot to learn, but I have already started to merge LEGO and photography together.”

Any tips for builders?

“Keep building, ask others, build whatever interests you. Don’t be afraid of big challenges, but also understand the limitations of the medium we use.

My flickr account is the best place so see both of my hobbies.”


Like what you see? Check out all Chris’ works on Flickr. Thanks again Chris for the interview!

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