Summer Wave of New LEGO Elements

The recently updated Brickset list of new elements in the newly available summer sets is full of pieces that will no doubt enhance any builder’s architecture MOCs in exciting ways!

First off, is the reintroduction of the 1×1 SNOT brick with four studs in tan.  This particular brick has only been seen in a commercial set in 2001’s Baby Ankylosaurus. This exciting revival will no doubt come in handy for buildings as much as the Sauropod it was first made for.

6189167 (1)

We are finally given our first ever inverted bracket in tan.  This, like the first brick, will come in extremely handy for ensuring your color palette remains consistent within the more complex areas of your MOCs.


One of the more exciting recolors is the 1×1 flower plate in light bluish-gray, which makes its debut in the groundbreaking Apollo Saturn V set.  It’s interesting to note that this is the first time LEGO has produced this part in a neutral color, other than white and will no doubt significantly enhance any style of architectural modeling.


The 2×3 pentagonal tile in trans-clear is a welcome addition to the current repertoire and may come in handy for more obscure window shapes and façades.


The most exciting of the completely new moulds is a 1×1 version of 2016’s 1x2x1-2/3 SNOT brick.  While this is still the first color of this new part, it will likely become prevalent in more useful colors soon.




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