Top 5 – City Halls

Welcome to the third edition of the Top 5! This installment looks at the best LEGO city halls. City halls serve as important civic buildings within towns and communities. Generally authority and power is reflected within the architecture. This post aims to show some of the coolest and most creative city halls on the web. Enjoy!

5) Vancouver City Hall

December 2012

Thad Jantzi created a micro version of Vancouver City Hall. The model stays true the real life building, as the grille tiles are the perfect piece to represent windows.


4) Oslo City Hall

January 2012


These two mini models of the Oslo City Hall were built for a LEGO Architecture contest LEGO Fan Weekend in Skærbæk, Denmark. Matija Puzar used the Architecture series as a guiding principal for his designs. He even won first prize!

3) Tokyo City Hall

Unknown Builder


This awesome model of Tokyo City Hall was built in minifig scale. The model itself is rests in its real counterpart, within the tourist center.

2) Milwaukee City Hall

Built – 1982


At over 30 years old this is by far the oldest model I have ever blogged. The Milwaukee City Hall was donated to the Wisconsin chapter of the AIA in the early 1980s. Containing approximately 10,000 pieces, it’s a shame that this city hall mainly resides in the basement of the Milwaukee County Historical Society.

1) Buffalo City Hall

June 2014


When I think of LEGO city halls this is the first model that comes to mind. The 32 story Art Deco building was designed by micro builder Thad Jantzi. The image below captures the imposing nature of the building, as well as all of the important details.

Bonus #1 – Los Angeles City Hall

May 2014


Built by Chad Cefre

Bonus #2 – London City Hall

Unknown Builder

London City Hall 


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