Top 5 – Libraries

Libraries are great places for people of all walks of life increase their knowledge. Within recent decades libraries have evolved into social centers with collaboration and technology becoming a point of focus. Millions of people worldwide intertwine these social centers as part of their daily routine and lifestyle.

This Top 5 takes a look at some of the best LEGO libraries around.

5) Ruskin Library

April, 2012

Jens Ohrndorf designed this library using only 129 pieces!


 4) Polk Library

April, 2016

Paul Wellington designed this library for his former employer, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. The model has approximately 4800 pieces.


 3) Detroit Main Library

July, 2007

Due to the large size at Minifig scale, Jim Garrett only designed the front portion of the building. Even so the facade is very impressive.


2) Charlevoix Public Library

January, 2013

Paul Vermeesch‘s model was commissioned for the Charlevoix Public Library. The library over contains 5000 pieces and was completed in only a month and a half.


1) Stockholm Public Library

March, 2015

Linus‘ model took six months to complete. While the exterior is wonderful, the detail of the interior is incredibly beautiful.




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