Top 5 – Micro Cities

What is better than a microscale city? Absolutely nothing! Building on a scale this small requires a high level of detail to fit in a extremely tiny area. While they are not everyone, the time and effort micro builders put into work should be greatly appreciated. This Top 5 takes a look at the best and most important micro cities on the web.

5) Futuristic City

August, 2009

L.G. Orlando‘s Futuristic City combined LEGO and non-LEGO elements to form an intriguing micro landscape.


4) Copenhagen

December, 2012

Ulrik Hansen‘s micro Copenhagen masterpiece was first publicly displayed at LEGO World 2014. The most amazing part of this model are the various techniques used for roads and sidewalks.


3) Brickville

December, 2010

Paul Wellington‘s Brickville used over 60 baseplates. The city featured a downtown, civic and residential districts.


2) Micropolis


Micropolis is the world’s largest LEGO modular micro city. The system was first developed by TwinLUG, and is now widely used by other LUGs.

Screenshot 2017-07-26 at 9.20.24 PM

1) Shannonia

June, 2007

Shannon Young is no doubt the greatest micro city ever to hit the web. Shannon Young‘s city single handedly inspired a generation to build in microscale. Too bad it came to memorable end.





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